Inspiration for composing comes from many places for me. Quite often it comes from my students and the desire to create music that works for them on an educational level, as well as to further their passion for music. But mostly it comes from life experiences and the people who have inspired me in some way; my family, friends and everyday people.


Conducting has always been a passion of mine. I am first and foremost a music educator, and believe that conducting is wonderful tool in the field of teaching music. In addition,  conducting has always brought me a sense of completion that playing a single instrument was never able to do. I love being a part of the big picture that music has to offer.


Trained from a young age on cello, string playing has always been at my core. I enjoy teaching the building blocks of music to students and sharing ideas with colleagues as a clinician. My goal is to give students the tools they need to go forward and succeed, whether that be through rehearsal,  technique, theory, or learning how to practice with purpose.

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