Music For String Orchestra

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Academic Festival March

Carl Fischer (2022)
Grade 2


A stately march perfect for assessment season. Homophonic rhythms will keep your students together, while a repeated dotted quarter - eighth note motif provides forward energy. Though primarily written in the key of G, this piece touches on several different modes for added color and advancement. Academic Festival March also provides moments of legato playing and section features making it the perfect well-rounded contest piece. 

*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice


Bow Olympics

Alfred/SmartMusic PerformancePlus+ (2022)
Grade 2.5


Become an Olympian in the Bow Olympics! Learn new bowing techniques and gear up for the excitement of the games with this original composition by Katie O'Hara LaBrie! Dive in with your passion, train hard, and go for the Gold!


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Using a standard SmartMusic Subscription you can access, assign, record, perform and even print this music. As part of the "plus+" factor, you will also find exercises that go along with the piece and educational tips and tricks. 

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Calm and Bright (Silent Night)

FJH Music (2020)
Grade 2.5

Lush and rich harmonies surround this inventive arrangement of Franz Gruber’s Silent Night. Phrasing and balance play an important role in this mature work for intermediate players. Sure to enhance your winter concert, each instrument is featured through interwoven melodies and changing time signatures in the contrasting calm and bright sections.  

*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice

Skeleton Waltz

Wingert Jones (2021)
Grade 2.5

This expertly written and educationally sound programmatic work incorporates chromatic harmony and special effects to create a fun and spooky setting that is reminiscent of the orchestrations of Berlioz and Saint-Saens. This work offers an excellent opportunity to teach multiple bowing techniques, chromaticism, and finger patterns. Play at the written tempo for intermediate orchestras, or speed it up to challenge advanced players. 

*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice

skeleton waltz.jpg


Excelcia Music Publishing (2022)
Grade 2.5


Imagine being in the midst of a blizzard. Snow swirling and blowing everywhere!  Then suddenly, out of nowhere… BOOM! It’s Thundersnow! This meteorologic phenomenon that mixes thunder and lightning during a snowstorm has captured the excitement of many weather enthusiasts. In Thundersnow! constant running eight notes enhance the feel of electricity in the air. The turbulent nature of the storm is emulated by the rise and fall of dynamics, while pops of accents explode like thunder. 

*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice


To B or Not To B

FJH (2022)
Grade 2.5


Major or Minor? Natural or Harmonic? B♮ or Bb? These are the questions posed in To B, or Not To B. This jaunty 6/8 tune explores contrasting D Major and D minor modalities while teaching advanced finger patterns that will provide students a solid understanding of the fingerboard and accidentals. The lively spirt of the piece is sure to keep your students and audience engaged and entertained.

*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice