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Music For String Orchestra


Camelot Quest

Alfred: Belwin (2021)
Grade 1.5


Imagine riding through Camelot on a quest to save the kingdom. Every player will be the hero in this medieval inspired tune.  Written in e minor, students will be introduced to D#’s through low 1st finger as well as dotted quarter rhythms in every part. Students and audiences alike will love the mixed energy of marcato ostinato patterns vs the legato melodies. The journey concludes with a joust-like battle adding excitement to any concert or festival program. Optional percussion adds to the medieval flair. 

*Available in SmartMusic  *Parts Available for Flex Orchestra

Hanukkah Dances

Alfred: Belwin (2019)
Grade 1.5


Liven up your holiday concert with a medley of four familiar Hanukkah tunes (Hanukkah, Hanukkah; Sivivon; Dreidel; and Maoz Tzur) that are perfect for beginning to advanced levels. Everyone gets a chance to play the melody in this exciting arrangement. Technical considerations include optional shifting for 1st violins while cellos work on extensions.


*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice

*Available in SmartMusic

Hanukkah Dance Cover.jpg

Jurassic Rock

Wingert Jones (2022)
Grade 1.5


Mrs. LaBrie grew up with a family of rock musicians and wanted to show that even the earliest orchestra students can rock! This piece is craftily written using only the D and A Strings, while teaching the difference between F# and F natural. The doubling of Second Violins with Viola, as well as Cello with Bass, will enhance the strength of your sections. Optional piano and drums add to the full rock and roll sound.

*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice


Sky Suite

Alfred: Belwin (2019)
Grade 1.5   

There is a method book hidden within the context of this concert piece! While floating through the "Clouds," "Rain," "Thunder," and "Sun," this multi-movement work focuses students on music literacy. A-, D-, and G-string notes are introduced one movement at a time. Throughout each of the movements, students will explore different time signatures, tempi, and bow techniques---then get a chance to put all their knowledge together in the finale. Perfect as a review for intermediate players or even as an intro to music reading for beginners!


Performed at the 2019 Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic.        *J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice​

Access lesson plans from the composer (smart music optional)

Sky Suite Cover.jpg

Snow Day

Alfred: Belwin (2022)
Grade 1


Waking up on a cold winter day. Sledding. Hot Chocolate. It’s a Snow Day! Craftily designed only using the notes of a D Major scale, this accessible piece with its bright melodies and jingle bell accompaniment will delight students and audiences alike.

*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice

*Available in SmartMusic

snow day
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