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Music For Concert Band

Academic Band
Academic Festival March Band.jpeg

Academic Festival March

Carl Fischer (2024)
Grade 2.5


Academic Festival March features a range of textures, dynamics, and articulation while highlighting a stately dotted eighth note motive throughout. Strong homophonic presentations of the main theme are balanced with antiphonal play between the upper and lower voices. Though written primarily in Bb Major, a short minor modulation will stretch your students to explore different finger patterns. This courtly march provides students with ample learning opportunities and paths to success, making it the perfect "academic festival" or contest opener.

All is NOT Calm 

(a not-so-silent night) 

MakeMusic Publications (2024)
Grade 1

Imagine the sweet sounds of "Silent Night" lulling you to sleep when the next-door neighbors start blasting various holiday carols at full volume! All Is NOT Calm, arranged by Katie O'Hara LaBrie, is a musical battle between woodwinds, brass, and percussion that features snippets of various holiday favorites. This is sure to engage your students as they explore dynamics in a fun and creative way.


*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice​

All is NOT Calm.jpg
All is NOT Calm
Eine Kleine
Eine Kleine March Music.jpg

Eine Kleine March Music 

MakeMusic Publications (2023)
Grade 1


Explore multiple style periods with this clever arrangement that sets Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik in the style of a march! The familiar melodies, presented with a creative twist, are sure to make this a student favorite. Add a dogfight section and rousing final strain, and you have a winner! Eine Kleine March Music may just be your new favorite march! (1:30)

*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice


FJH (2022)
Grade 1


Guards at the ready! Time to fortify the castle! This powerful, medieval-inspired work juxtaposes physical strength and inner strength through contrasting marcato and legato sections. Sixteenth-note rhythms drive a very active percussion section that propels the piece forward, while strong thematic and harmonic writing in all sections creates a feeling of fortitude. The rhythmic energy that continues throughout is sure to energize your students!


Written for the Liberty Middle School Bands, Clifton, Virginia;  Joe LaBrie, Director


*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice

hanukkah band
Hanukkah Dances Band.jpg

Hanukkah Dances (for band) 

Alfred (2022)

Grade 2


Liven up your holiday concert with a medley of four familiar Hanukkah tunes (Hanukkah, Hanukkah; Sivivon; Dreidel; and Maoz Tzur) - perfect for beginning to advanced levels. Everyone gets a chance to play the melody in this exciting arrangement. Each song is introduced separately, then intertwined, and even overlapped together for lively finale. A best seller in the string orchestra, now available for concert band!

On Guard Band

On Guard!

Randall Standridge Music (2024)
Grade 1


On Guard!  Katie O’Hara LaBrie has crafted a dramatic new work for young band that is sure to be a hit with your developing musicians!  On Guard combines driving rhythms and minor mode melodies with exciting percussion to make a piece that sounds both fun and dangerous.  A great selection for an opener or closer, this work is a must have for your library of engaging works for younger players.

*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice

RSMPCB038_On Guard.jpg
On the Horizon.jpg

On the Horizon

MakeMusic Publications (2023)
Grade 1.5   

This powerful work represents vision and hope, inspired by a vision of a never-ending horizon. A beautiful opening suggests the sun rising on a new day before moving into a triumphant melody with uplifting woodwind interludes. The music embeds a strong sense that one can be ready for anything that lies ahead On the Horizon. (2:00)

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