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Music For String Orchestra

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A Holly Jolly Mixed Up Medley 

KJOS (2022)
Grade 4 (+)


The holidays are a time for peace and joy, but they can also be busy, full of family and friends, a flurry of events and the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. A Holly Jolly Mixed Up Medley by Katie O’Hara LaBrie is just that; an exciting and creative mash-up of all your favorite holiday tunes, with a mixed-meter twist. The piece includes quotes from 11 winter classics... Listen closely, can you spot them all?

*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice


Alfred: Belwin (2011)

by Ralph Manuel, Arr. LaBrie

Grade 4


A beautiful choral melody reinvented for strings, this work takes the player through a journey of powerful emotion. The opening lyrical theme is a great tool for teaching expressive bow technique as well as chamber playing and phrasing to emulate the original choral text. Imitative counterpoint creates contrast in the sprightly middle section, where all parts interplay and receive importance. Spanning several keys and styles, this piece is sure to keep the interest of and provide a challenge for your students.


*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice

Alleluia Cover.jpg
holly jolly
RSMS044_Overjoyed small.jpg


Randall Standridge Music (2024)
Grade 4


Overjoyed was inspired by the glory and unifying nature of the Summer Olympics Games. The piece is full of energy from start to finish. The fast tempo and accented rhythms propel the piece forward, while later a calmer melody represents the solemnity and importance of coming together for these global events. Hidden throughout the piece are snippets of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, specifically the famous “Ode to Joy” theme, which over history has been used as a unifying theme among people of the world, even at the Olympic Games themselves. The apex of the piece occurs at the key change from D major to G major when the Ode to Joy theme is finally presented in its full glory, though rhythmically modified, on top of the original celebratory theme of the work.


*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice

The Wexford Carol

MakeMusic Publications (2023)
Grade 4


This traditional Irish carol opens with a solo for cello, violin, harp (or a combination thereof) over a distant drone. The tune weaves throughout each section amidst beautiful countermelodies and simple meter changes. After a glorious key change, the music moves to a delicate close. An optional harp part adds color. This arrangement Wexford Carol is guaranteed to be a stunning addition to your winter program or any time of year.

The Wexford Carol.jpg
Unbridled Spirit.jpg

Unbridled Spirit

MakeMusic Publications (2024)
Grade 4.5 - 5


Soaring melodies and syncopated rhythms evoke scenes of horses galloping with unbridled spirit through the wild. The work includes mixed meters and upper position work to keep your advanced players engaged as they perform this celebratory work. Perfect as an opener or closer!


*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice

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