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Compositions For String Orchestra & Concert Band

 String Orchestra Grade 1-1.5 

Camelot Quest

Alfred: Belwin (2021)
Grade 1.5


Imagine riding through Camelot on a quest to save the kingdom. Every player will be the hero in this medieval inspired tune.  Written in e minor, students will be introduced to D#’s through low 1st finger as well as dotted quarter rhythms in every part. Students and audiences alike will love the mixed energy of marcato ostinato patterns vs the legato melodies. The journey concludes with a joust-like battle adding excitement to any concert or festival program. Optional percussion adds to the medieval flair. 

*Available in SmartMusic


 String Orchestra Grade 2-2.5

Academic Festival March

Carl Fischer (2022)
Grade 2


A stately march perfect for assessment season. Homophonic rhythms will keep your students together, while a repeated dotted quarter - eighth note motif provides forward energy. Though primarily written in the key of G, this piece touches on several different modes for added color and advancement. Academic Festival March also provides moments of legato playing and section features making it the perfect well-rounded contest piece. 


 String Orchestra Grade 3-3.5 

Concerto in D (Telemann)

Alfred: Belwin (2014)
by G.P. Telemann, arr. LaBrie
Grade 3.5


A favorite in the violin ensemble repertoire now available for string orchestra! In this Telemann masterpiece made up of four short movements, everyone gets a chance to play the melody! Perfect for that year when advanced lower string players are ready to shift into upper positions, it allows your orchestra to explore the creativity and beauty of Baroque music. (6:30)


*J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice

*Available in Smart Music

Concerto in D Cover.jpg

 String Orchestra Grade 4+ 

A Holly Jolly Mixed Up Medley 

KJOS (2022)
Grade 4 (+)


The holidays are a time for peace and joy, but they can also be busy, full of family and friends, a flurry of events and the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. A Holly Jolly Mixed Up Medley by Katie O’Hara LaBrie is just that; an exciting and creative mash- up of all your favorite holiday tunes, with a mixed-meter twist. The piece includes quotes from 11 winter classics... Listen closely, can you spot them all?

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 5.29.39 PM.png

 Concert Band Grade 1-2 


FJH (2022)
Grade 1


Guards at the Ready! Time to fortify the castle! Use your courage and power for good! Fortify, juxtaposes physical strength and inner strength through contrasting marcato and legato sections. Written in ABA form, this medieval inspired piece for beginning band teaches strong accents and hairpin dynamics. The rhythmic energy that continues throughout is sure to energize your students!


Written for the Liberty Middle School Bands, Clifton, Virginia;  Joe LaBrie, Director

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